7 Ways Adding Meditation to Your Next Work Event will Enhance the Experience

Have you thought about bringing a new type of ice-breaker to your next event and incorporating a short guided relaxation meditation? 

This simple yet powerful practice can be a game-changer, providing numerous benefits for both organisers and attendees as it sets the tone of openness for the day ahead whilst also allowing people to properly ‘arrive’ at the session. 

Meditation offers a calming pause amid the hustle and bustle of an event and creates a deeper sense of connection, focus, and overall well-being.

Here are 7 benefits (there are more!) that we feel will enhance a work event: 

  1. Stress Reduction: Events can often be overwhelming, with busy schedules, networking, and information overload. A brief guided meditation session at the start of an event allows participants to ‘arrive’!  Drop the stress of getting there and be more present & engaged with your kick-off session. 
  2. Enhanced Focus: Following a meditation session, attendees tend to experience heightened concentration and mental clarity. This improved focus can be a valuable asset during workshops, presentations, or discussions, ensuring that the content is absorbed more effectively.
  3. Increased Engagement: Meditation creates an atmosphere of mindfulness, encouraging attendees to be fully present. This heightened awareness enhances engagement with event content, as participants are more likely to actively participate and absorb information.
  4. Enhanced Creativity: A relaxed mind is often more creative. Meditation can stimulate attendees' creative thinking, making brainstorming sessions, workshops, and problem-solving activities more productive, fun and innovative.
  5. Positive Atmosphere: The tone set by a guided meditation can significantly impact the overall event atmosphere. Starting an event with a short grounding exercise allows attendees to properly ‘arrive’ and let go of stress they might have walked in with.  
  6. Physical Benefits: Beyond mental well-being, relaxation meditation can lead to physical benefits such as reduced muscle tension and improved posture. This can be especially beneficial for events that involve a lot of sitting or standing.
  7. Universal Appeal: Guided relaxation meditation is accessible to all, You dont need to be able to sit crossed legend to be able to do it!  Regardless of age, background, or fitness level, it is something everyone can participate and benefit from. 

At MomentCo we run a series of guided workshops and offsite Moments to help you bring a fresh perspective and engagement to your workplace events, but don’t just take our word for it… 

'We were looking for a new way to kick-off our marketing offsite and to bring our teams together.  Fiona's mindfulness session created a relaxed atmosphere, got us thinking more mindfully, and set us up for a productive day' GoodLoop UK
"Thank you so much! It went so well and I personally loved it and feel much calmer today as a result. Plus, your voice is so soothing."  DAWN, UK
“I jumped at the change to attend one of MomentCo’s Mindfulness & Meditation sessions at the Cannes Lions Festival. It was great to press reset and to recharge the batteries before a busy day of meetings” CEO, Ecoflix

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