The Positive Impact of Moments in the Workplace

In 2020, a staggering 79% of UK adults reported experiencing work-related stress with under 35 year reporting the highest rates of burnout and absenteeism. (source Perkbox Study 2020)

Learning to take a Moment not only impacts the wellbeing of the individual, it also has a positive impact on the workplace, including increased focus, productivity, communication, and creativity. 

The Moment Pebble is the only physical mental wellbeing device that promotes discreet short mental breaks throughout the day, away from connected devices. 

The accompanying self-paced Moment program allows employees of all ages, abilities and backgrounds to find what resonates for them, whether that be breathwork, journaling, meditation or mindfulness. 

Support your employees' wellbeing - wherever their desk may be.

Download Moments for Work PDF

Gift more thoughtfully

Moment Pebbles are a thoughtful addition to on-boarding packs, a Moment of wow in give-away bags and a way to reward team members generously.  

Contact hello@momentcompany.cofor more information on branded gifting options.