What Moments Do

Our state of mind directly impacts our decision-making in any given Moment.

We help your business create a positive culture of wellbeing to drive greater engagement, creativity and performance.

By introducing techniques embedded in the proven sciences of mindfulness, neuro-linguistic programming and breathwork, our short regular mind-breaks, or ‘Moments’, are a key component for nurturing and maintaining a positive, productive workplace.

How do we do this

Stress & Wellbeing Courses 

Mindset & Performance Workshops

Virtual & In-Workplace Training Programs

Unique physical stress management device & program

1:1 Personal Mindset Coaching

For availability for workshops and upcoming programs please:

How we measure impact

We work closely with your HR, Wellbeing & Leadership teams to align the impact of Moments with the metrics most important to your business. 

We use respected wellbeing tools inc. WEMWBS, supported by Moment's '1-2-1 checkin framework’, to measure;

Reduction in reported stress & anxiety 

Underlying drivers of stress & reduced productivity

Shifts in overall reported mental wellbeing

Individual & team growth against goals

Changes in sick days, retention & absenteeism 

Personal & professional wellbeing

Do you have an Employee Wellbeing & Benefits Platform?

We work with a number of workplace wellbeing partners and benefits platforms. To make Moments available to your teams, contact us.  

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