April Farillio Small Business Newsletter


Welcome to April’s newsletter, covering all the latest from Farillio:

  • New Features: the first of our new-style landing pages launched this month, as promised earlier this year. We hope that like our test community you also like the new curated format. Let us know what you think!

  • New content: This month, you’ll find more new resources in your Farillio account, covering:

    • New workflow tools containing all you need to complain – or respond to a complaint – about a variety of different common business-to-business scenarios
    • More new HR content – secrets to successful employee onboarding, the importance of talent management programmes to staff retention, ideal (including fairest) job candidate interview practices, and much more top advice from one of our HR experts, Chris Taylor, is now included in your HR resources section
    • 4 years to the month since it was launched, we’ve produced an illustrated GDPR refresher graphic to help managers and their staff members remember their training on the core elements of GDPR compliance – and we’re launching some helpful new templates to round off our existing suite of materials, including a subject access request policy and data privacy impact assessment, and
    • Sole traders and bank accounts – we’ve pulled advice from our expert friends at Boffix into a guide explaining what’s highly recommended to support good money management and reducing personal assets risk, if you’re running your business as a sole trader
  • Expert corner: Back this month in the expert corner is business owner Alex Strang, this time in his capacity as a neurolinguistic coach, sharing some truly powerful advice on handling burnout as a business owner. While you can watch the video, we highly recommend popping in your ear-buds and listening to this as a podcast while you snatch a precious moment of ‘me time’ – you’ll understand precisely why we wanted Alex to be the expert to cover this essential wellbeing topic. This is a must.

  • In the News: This month, we’ve listed our top picks for essential small business news. Your April edition therefore covers:

    • Small business insurer, Superscript’s suggestions for how you might reduce the sting of the recent National Insurance Contribution increases for your staff
    • Would offering your staff a bonus reduce their likelihood of leaving their job? The debate continues – we look at some of the recent findings and suggestions
    • Would you consider a 4-day working week for your business? Thought to be the biggest pilot of its kind, thousands of UK staff are expected to join a nation-wide 4-day working week trial later this year, with no impact to their current 5-day a week pay. We take a look at what’s planned and what data organisers hope to gather from it.
    • Hybrid working is the new workforce expectation - there’s no going back: A new report published late last month following extensive research funded by the Economic & Social Research Council, called ‘No going back: what we have learned working from home during the Covid-19 pandemic’ illustrates the findings of research exploring the gains and losses from extended home-working. We take a look at the highlights, including the 7 key focus areas for employers to watch out for as our workforces and their working expectations continue to evolve.
    • We take a look at the government’s latest published insights on the state of business and impact on the UK economy, including the top 4 actions businesses have reportedly been taking to help reduce their carbon emissions.
      We’ll be looking in much more practical detail at what small businesses can do to be more carbon neutral with our new ESG expert this Spring. Watch this space for more details on this exciting new collaboration!
    • Air quality and outdoor workers: new targets for reducing pollution and improving air quality have been criticised by the British Safety Council (BSC) for not being ambitious enough and continuing to put outdoor workers especially at risk. We look at what’s being said and how employers can help to keep their outdoor workers safe – which they have a legal obligation to do
    • Continuing on the theme of staff safety, new personal protective equipment (PPE) rules came into force this month, extending employer health and safety obligations to ‘limb (b) workers’. We explore what this means in practice, and where employers can go to find pragmatic advice on how to apply these new legal obligations successfully.

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