It all starts with one conscious breath

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A mental fitness product and program for modern life.


    This light-led, natural stone device visually guides you through powerful, stress-reducing breathing exercises.

    But more than that, it has the ability to create long-lasting behavioural change – giving you a better understanding of how your mind works, and therefore more control of your mental wellbeing.

    A companion for your mental wellbeing.


    An online program, that, used with the Moment Pebble, helps you take short, regular breaks (or Moments as we like to call them) throughout your busy day.

    The Method introduces mindfulness, meditation and breathwork, making the benefits simple, quick and effective.

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Reduces Stress

and improves mental wellbeing.

Simple & Accessible

quick to use, portable and discreet.

Unconnected Tech

mindful time away from devices and their notifications.



Mindfulness is simply being in the Moment; giving 100% of your attention to what you are doing at that time. Learning to take this simple mindful pause is powerful. In as little as 30 seconds, we all have the power to reset our body and mind, to calm our nervous system, and to create the space for a more positive mindset.

A practice we used to do naturally; the habit of mindfulness has been largely lost due to the nature of our always-on, fast-paced, ways of living and working. The ability to make mindful practice an everyday routine is where the real power of behavioural change lies.


We all feel vulnerable, insecure, or stressed at some point in our lives and when we do, our natural instinct is to turn to loved ones.  Did you know that the ability to feel comfort & security can also come from pets, inanimate objects or even abstract concepts like justice or love?

Objects make us feel secure because of their inertness, they offer a permanence and portability that can be lacking in people. We imbue these objects with our own memories and meaning and become attached to them. Their importance to us grows over time.

Think of a child with a teddy or blanket, or enjoying a cup of tea or coffee from your favourite mug. This why we anchored the Moment Method in a physical object, the Moment Pebble.


The Pebble’s light sequence follows Cardiac Coherence Breathing, a proven breathing pattern that brings your nervous system into balance by stimulating the vagus nerve.

This activates the parasympathetic nervous system, resetting many of the negative impacts of stress. This includes calming heart rate, reducing blood pressure, boosting digestive health, and improving sleep quality.


"2020 has been such a strange vortex and the goal posts and tempo of life keeps on changing week in and week out - the Moment Pebble was such a god send at this time."

"I have always found it a challenge to make the effort to take time out of my day to relax. The Moment Method & Pebble is a subtle reminder to relax, breath and switch off.  Having Eczema, it’s so important to look after my mind and reduce stress, this is the perfect tool to do that."

"The most special moment is time spent with you and you alone. This is mindfulness at its most beautiful. Enjoy!"

"Taking these Moments has become a hand you didn't realise you needed to reach out and hold."

"I think that the Moment Pebble is a wonderful tool for those new to breath work and having it near me as I worked was a good prompt for me to take a break."

"I know the effects of stress very well. Taking the Moment to breathe calmly is so helpful in difficult situations."

Why Moments?

Dr Gini Harrison

Explains the benefits of mindfulness and Moments

Mindfulness & Moments

With Dr Gini Harrison. Psychologist & Senior Lecturer a The Open University



    We are Alex, Fiona and Charlie - the people behind Moment Company. The idea for Moments was born out of our own mental wellbeing journeys and it’s our first-hand experience of the physical and emotional impact of stress, anxiety, and burnout that continues to drive us.

    When we couldn’t find a mental wellbeing solution that enabled us to take short breaks away from our phones, we created one.


    Stay grounded

    Tread lightly

    Share wisdom

    Celebrate difference

    Look up


    A world where everyone knows how and why to take a moment for themselves.


As co-founders we know only too well about the importance of taking a Moment for ourselves.