Here are 5 quick things you can do to transform everyday indoor activities into mindful micro-moments by bringing an elevated level of consciousness to them.  

No 1: The Mighty Mindful Beverage

A tea, coffee or water break, with a twist. What is often a mindless activity, can be quickly transformed to transform your mind.

1)  Gentle focus: bring your gentle attention to each step of preparation (rather than letting your mind wander and go onto autopilot, bring it back to each step).

2) Be deliberate: how thirsty are you? Choose an appropriate glass or cup. Notice how much water you pour, how much coffee you add.

3) Fully experience the consumption moment. Don't do anything else for that first sip, just notice the temperature, the taste, the sensations in your body and mind.

Now simply reflect  on how you feel having slowed down and spent a short moment in the present.


No 2: Instant Focus 

Start that task you’ve been putting off - eat that frog! The starting point - commit to just 1 hour with your phone out of sight.

1) Line up a specific task and let anyone that needs to know that you're going to be offline for an hour.

2) Place your phone into your drawer or in another room. Upside down on the desk doesn't count! The key is not being able to see it (shut down any interrupting apps on your computer too).

3) Go for it!

You'll feel so good once you're done. It is amazing what you can do in an hour when you're completely focussed.

No 3: Breathe & Brush

It’s amazing how quick and pleasurable brushing your teeth can be when you shift your attention to your breath.

1) Bring your attention to the tooth-brush setup phase :) Notice how much toothpaste you add, now notice the flavour as you start brushing.

2) Now bring your attention to your breath. Start slow deep breaths in and out of your nose.

3) Breathing all the way into your belly - really fill up, then let the air drop out at its own pace.

Longer in-breaths in the morning to bring energy into your system, and longer out-breaths in the evening to prepare your nervous system for sleep.

No 4: A Moment Pebble Moment

Use our pebble to punctuate your day with short cardiac coherent Moments that reduce stress and rebalance your nervous system as you go.

1) Realise you could do with a mindful moment, or see the Pebble on your desk or notice it in your pocket.

2) Tap the Pebble 3 times to begin.

3) Follow the light guide from within the pebble, breathing in as the light increases and out as it decreases. 

4) Notice as your body and mind start to shift towards a calmer and more peaceful state as the cardiac coherent breathing and external focus balances your nervous system. 

No 5: Bathroom break 

We all take them! (most of us also take our phones). Swap the phone for a Moment of Gratitude. This shifts you into a positive mindset in the short and long term - leading to a happier life.

1) Don't take your phone to the loo!

2) Bring someone you care about into your mind. Picture their face, their smile, can you bring the sound of their voice into your mind? What else do you notice about them?

3) Notice how grateful you are of them and what they mean to you. Just sit with this feeling for a few moments.

Gratitude is incredibly powerful as we cant feel angry or fearful when we feel grateful - so practicing it helps to program us to live more in gratitude than anger or fear.