At MomentCo, we recognise wellbeing initiatives not as optional extras, but as strategic pillars to support both change and growth in the modern workplace.

Our passion and expertise lies in collaborating with businesses to create a positive culture of sustainable high performance and wellbeing.

Deloitte reports that companies with a strong commitment to wellbeing are 4.2 times more likely to have employees who are satisfied with their jobs and 2.8 times more likely to be innovative and creative.

The Moment Pebble & Program

The Pebble is a beautiful natural stone device that visually guides you through a breathing sequence that rebalances your nervous system.

This is combined with the self-paced Moment program that immerses you in a range of techniques including mindfulness, breathwork and meditation. 

These help you build life long habits that support you when you need it most.


Small but mighty

Our handheld device is small but powerful. It fits perfectly into your pocket or bag, or place it on your desk to keep mindfulness front of mind.

(no more meditating in the toilet!)

Remember that small regular actions lead to big changes.

Eyes Up, Stress Down

When your eyes are open, you see the world in front of you, as it is, in the Moment.

By using our light guided Moment Pebble you are training yourself in eyes open mindfulness allowing you to become more present, peaceful and focused throughout your daily routine.


Scientifically Proven

Our method is grounded in mindfulness and cardiac coherence breathing. Both are scientifically proven to reduce depression, anxiety and fatigue, and on the positive side, improve calmness, sleep and focus.