Remind yourself to pause and connect with the help of our small but powerful Moment Pebble. A beautiful, hand-finished mental fitness device, designed to guide you through the scientifically proven stress-reducing Cardiac Coherence breathing sequence.

When times of stress and anxiety begin to take over, take hold of your new touchstone to remind you to stop and take a Moment. Match your breath to the internal light sequence: Inhale as the glows increases. Exhale as it decreases. 

The multi-sensory nature of the device means it acts as a positive behaviour anchor both out on a desk (visual), but also in your pocket or hand (tactile). 

The Pebble is used as a stand-alone, unconnected device to reduce your reliance on technology such as your phone, building habits that support your mental wellbeing. The Moment is a sacredly offline experience.

The Moment Pebble is made from real stone and is hand finished, giving each one a unique marble design.


Moment Booklet

Your Pebble comes with a Moment Booklet to get you started on your Moment journey, including everything you need to know to start making positive mindful changes in your life.



Clean your Pebble gently with soap and water. The charging stone should not be submerged in water, instead you can wipe it down with a damp cloth