There’s a lot of talk these days about living our best lives. We look at constantly improving as we strive to be the best version of ourselves. The problem is we have preconceived notions of what that is and in our attempt to better ourselves, we default to old patterns and conditionings. These patterns have created the foundation in which we’re rooted. So, we tend to live our lives just as we’ve always done. Even with the greatest of intentions.

The beauty of it is, we’re capable of making big transformations. We can weave in significant and impactful changes that can alter and change our outlook. But sometimes that means stepping beyond our current way of life and embracing new habits. To create the life you ultimately want you have to create change every day.  

Creating new habits (that seriously affect inner change).

We have the best intentions when we commit ourselves to a new way of being. We’re motivated, excited and decide to dedicate all that motivation into changing our ways. Until we don’t.

A habit begins when new beliefs and actions you choose come together and create a strategy. When you repeat them often enough, the strategy becomes a newly formed habit. Once repeated enough, it creates a new neural pathway in our brains and files it away as “automatic reaction”.

The foundation of almost all mindfulness and self-help literature says that our ability to be happy is determined by our ability to stay in the present moment. When we’re present and aware, we see the beauty, we appreciate the moment, we freely show gratitude and ultimately we experience happiness. When you think back on the times that brought you true happiness in your life, chances are you were present for those moments. That’s when life was really good; when you were aware enough to enjoy the adventure.

While most of us already know that, it’s even more baffling as to why we can’t make the habit of mindfulness stick. Most days we spend our time ruminating in the past or anxious about the future. We spend very little time in the present moment. The challenge is most of us are extremely habituated to living in our thoughts. The remembered past and the imagined future steal our attention. We have a habit of being mentally absent from our lives. The very life going on right now.

The simple rule about habits is whatever you do most, takes over. If you want to get strong & fit and decide to be a daily gym rat but then miss more days than you actually go, you’ve only made a habit of skipping the gym. So now you’re back at square one.

To suddenly “go mindful” and commit yourself to being present and aware 24/7 isn’t likely going to land. Since most of us aren’t present and mindful most of the time, occasional stabs at “mindfulness” are quickly sabotaged by the momentum of being lost in thought.


The power of the pebble

We are massive fans of Calm and Headspace and through our research found that we tend to engage in mindful activities in the morning or evening, however, it's during our day we find ourselves most stressed and in need of benefits mindfulness can bring.

Moment Pebble was designed to help you create a habit around mindfulness. The benefits and impact of a mindfulness practice are well established so our intention was to create a product that helps you insert mindfulness into your daily life, reaping the benefits for yourself.

To take it a step further, we wanted to create something tangible. An actual physical product that directs you away from apps and smart devices, bringing you back into the reality of now. Current tools designed to help with mindfulness reside primarily on an app. Reaching for your phone is part of the problem. To disengage from the world, we don’t want you engaging with your phone. We created a solution that eliminates the already constant need to be engaged in the online world.

You can carry the pebble in your pocket, in your palm, in your bag or leave it on your desk. The physical talisman acts as a visible reminder to pause, breathe and check in with yourself throughout your day.

In just 30-seconds, Moment Pebble helps you direct thoughts in your brain and the clutter that consume it, giving your mind a short break from the chaos around you.

Using your pebble is really easy. You can do it anytime, anywhere. All it takes is 30 seconds.

1. Turn your pebble over to make it glow and start your moment.

2. Use a 30 second Moment Pebble script to relax your mind (or skip the script and simply just allow yourself to ‘be’.)

3. The Pebble glows to end your moment and you return to your day refreshed.

While a 30-second commitment may seem small (which it is) the dividends it pays are incredible. We’re talking 30-seconds at a time, a handful of times a day, to plant one foot firmly in the realm of greater ease, happiness and gratitude. If you’ve been looking for an easy and powerful way to weave mindfulness into your life, the pebble can help.

Be present in your life

When self-awareness is woven into your day, you start to differentiate between what’s truly going on versus a narrative you’re (unknowingly) participating in. Mindfulness is the practice of paying attention so you can pause, realign and make more empowered decisions, instead of overreacting and consequently making rash decisions.

The Pebble is a simple and manageable way to help quiet the mind, increase attention, improve awareness and bolster resiliency which lends itself to being a more responsive and less reactive person, simply by creating a new habit and experiencing new ways to be present in your life.

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